Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Milk Soup

There is nothing I crave more on a chilly morning than my Mom's Milk Soup!   This morning was just that kind of morning, one where you long for something that will soothe and warm your insides... Ahhhh...PERFECT!  It sounds strange...What is Milk Soup you ask?  Only the tastiest, creamiest breakfast you can imagine!  This recipe is not for the health conscious but more for those who love and enjoy comfort foods :)  So make yourself a bowl and snuggle down into a cozy quilt and bask in the chill of the morning!

Mom's Milk Soup

1/4 c. Water
1-2 c. Milk

1 Egg
1-2 T Flour
Pinch of Salt

Sugar or honey to sweeten

Boil water and milk in a sauce pan.

Mix together in a cup the egg, enough flour to make a thick batter and some water to make a smooth consistency. 

Drip mix into the pan of boiling milk, mix until it thickens and then cool well.  Add Sugar or Honey to sweeten if you like.


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